Flood with E-Sign

Speed up the loan process with a quick and efficient way for borrowers to electronically sign the Notice to Borrower page.  This acknowledgment page indicates whether the insurable structure is affected by a Special Flood Hazard Area and doesn’t require the borrower to be physically present for a wet signature.

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The E-Sign Act*

Signed into law in 2000 and is one important component in fintech for the digital mortgage conversion to help streamline the loan and closing process.

*The Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act

FEMA, National Flood Insurance Program, and National Flood Association logosWe partnered with ServiceLink National Flood (SLNF) as the leader in cutting-edge technology and expertise in the flood industry.  ServiceLink has over 32 years of experience in flood compliance products and solutions.  ServiceLink guarantees the accuracy of the flood data with a “never down” flood processing system, and is certified by NFA (National Flood Association).

Our leadership team has partnered with ServiceLink for over 20 years due to their integrity and high standards for customer service.  We only provide the best products for our clients nationwide.

  • Life of Loan Flood Determinations
  • Portfolio Compliance Reviews
  • Service Tracking Takeovers
  • In/Out Flood Checks
  • Instant Insurance Quotes
  • Customized Services


Cert MapDesigned to enhance both the loan officer and borrower experience, the exclusive “CertMap” is an aerial satellite image overlaid by the FEMA flood map.  Loan officers can quickly identify which pieces of collateral are affected by a high-risk flood zone to prevent over/under insuring.

Letter of Map Amendment Assistance

The Dispute Resolution Team (DRT) will facilitate—per the lender’s request—the submittal of a LOMA application to FEMA.  If the borrower feels they are out of a Special Flood Hazard Area based on elevation, DRT can assist with the process to get the flood insurance requirement waived.

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