Sample Talk’uments Technology

Differentiating applicants by financial experienceDifferentiating Applicants by Financial Experience

All loan applicants are not the same. Talk’uments tailors learning modules to a loan applicant’s level of financial experience:

  • First Time Homebuyers
  • Done this Once or Twice, and
  • Just the Facts, for the most experience borrowers

Multilingual Multimedia Loan Information Technology

Talk'uments navigate between languages with a click of the button.Navigate Between Languages is Easy. Just Press a button.

Talk’uments architecture allows for the easy adoption of any language. For mortgage companies to succeed in the long run, they must respond and reflect the nation’s increasingly diverse population.

A Learning Experience for Virtually Every Type of Mortgage Loan

Talk’uments provides a learning experience for virtually every type of mortgage loan.

Using the applicant’s specific loan data, Talk’uments multilingual multimedia loan information technology uses several interactive features to appeal to different consumer learning preferences.

With over 150 documents to review and sign, it’s no secret that borrowers don’t fully understand loan disclosures. Multilingual multimedia technology provides a solution.