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National Coverage – Multiple Industries

We work with reputable companies nationwide providing customized solutions for screening, AI monitoring, and transparency for success. For employers hiring or property management companies doing leasing we qualify the candidates according to the standards of our clients. Our services and technology are built around the goal of providing growth and protection for your business.

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COVID-19 Response

Our experienced team has seen many crises affect the US Economy but none like the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been working on solutions to help businesses not only survive, but thrive—despite the uncertainty. We have created a simple questionnaire.


Our expertise in financial technology spans over 20 years with technology designed and customized for digital compliance, efficiency and to give you the competitive advantage.

Guiding Lenders to Engage the Borrower/Secure Loyalty (Despite Social Distancing)

We are experts on the digital experience and will map out a strategy with you and help you implement it in less than 60 days.

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Drones improve efficiency and safety of construction projects and are being used with increased frequency in connection with the design and construction of projects as well as proving or disproving claims.

We offer lenders the option to investigate natural disaster zones where bank assets are located. Analysis is provided on each property rating the level of damage and assessing costs.

Additionally, our drone services can:

  • Catalog and thermally map moisture penetration in commercial flat roof installations
  • Locate and map thermal faults caused by gaps in insulation
  • Detect HVAC leaks before filtering into the roofing insulation
  • Safely perform building inspections within minutes


Commercial & Residential

Over the last decade, some of the leading property developers and management companies have trusted us with providing screening for domestic and international tenants. With access to business credit including Dun & Bradstreet and credit repositories, we provide verifications that are comprehensive and accurate. For international companies, our global network provides extensive reporting on businesses and owners, including OFAC reports on all screenings.


We assist human resource departments streamline the vetting process for new employees, including senior executives. With the access to sensitive company information that C-level executives have, we deliver historic reports on their personal and professional history, all verified for accuracy. This protects your brand and reputation.